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FERNANDO MARREY FERREIRA: ADVOGADO formado na UNIP (Universidade Paulista) OAB/SP 158.481. Especialização USP (Universidade de São Paulo). Especialização ESDC (Escola Superior de Direito Constitucional). Certificados PUC (Pontifícia Universidade Católica. Pós-graduado em Direito Processual Penal pelo Complexo Jurídico Damásio de Jesus. Pós-graduado em Direito Ambiental pela FAAP/SP. Cursando Segurança Internacional na USP/SP.

The Middle East

            The region is so important for world because first of all petrol export, the local instability reflect around the globalizations and constitute a sentimental actions for bad or good, price of oil and orienteer quantities to regulate, the methodological of these words came from BUZAN and WAEVER font and create new ideas for start a peace process is the final objective: stop war and terrorism. Is a place an autonomous regional level of security and heavy impositions from the global level, distinctive cultural with premodern elements of clan, tribe and religions, composed from Morocco to Iran including all of the Arab states plus Israel (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), groups autonomous have conditions to produce and commerce army to deterrence others against offensive intentions between one another, to do step for peace must to conciliate plurality of culture, good interreges clans, tribes and religions one can tolerate others and accommodate without civil and external war, the best way to give conditions for grow the economy, regulated by democratic integrations making efforts going to productions conditions for social recommendations and not for constructions war, change mind to animosity to friendly relations.

Regional Security Community (RSC) 1948-1990, in regional level Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia were never colonized, the others had a strong presence of British and French, the independent of Israel and conflict with Palestine emerge Arab nationalism  (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), when great power never get involved in one civilizations internal community don´t fragment in diversity culture, maintain the original ethic an religions internal plurality without much influence form external civilizations, the cohesion and nationalism are more strong, these are the case of some countries in Middle East, others had colonization of French an British the language influence and the relations are more strong, fragment the society with much more pluralistic a lot of countries have these historical opportunity in open conditions, the confidence between happened. The independence of Israel in the same territory of Palestine foment the Arab nationalism, forget their division an build a reactions all against Israel, the best is accept the integration of Judaism in the regions and get advantages of economic superiority to dived the benign of capitalism, pacifications Catholic, Judaism and Islamism, accept globalizations of peace process inside the build that they are devoted, one respect the other. Is difficult to integrate civilizations that have not been integrations with great powers open mid and stop barriers protectionist!

More than twenty states with relatively in weight formed the RSC, the questions of oil have present in the security dynamic (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the size of territorial countries in the region don´t have big asymmetries, other aspects like economic and army status have the equivalence and formed an equal conditions to deterrence of war, the coalition with great power are other factor to go steps in conciliation conflict. Israel has nuclear army and Iran tray to product this preoccupation is so big, because the fundamentalist of Islamic civilizations can detonate massive mass distortion and eliminates local civilizations if the war loses control, other tension is the hypothetic suicide terrorists take nuclear army to intimidate the occident civilizations, the possibility of crash must to be controlled to status quo. Brazil new oil camps can give a stat integrations with export countries, Dilma presidente of Brasil great woman, have been doing a great diplomacy with near future US integrations in petrol transportations form South to North, have influence in a new generations integrate economically, conjugate of course Americans is so nice, in the same time start a process of close relations between Brazil and Middle East in diplomacy friendly conditions, Atlantic and Mediterranean integrations.

Inter-Arab rivalry and conflict than cooperation and harmony and the same for inter-Islamic relations, Arab versus non Arabs, Arabs versos Arabs the dynamic (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), are incredible the propensity of local people against cooperation and harmony, the preference to fissure rivalry all against all in the anarquista conditions than to ordinate the dynamic of live doing step form peace and prevalence the love between the diversity of neighbors to grow up together not to destroyer each other. Encounter the way to peace negotiation a lot of aspects are the objective for the best humanitarian conditions, the advice for environment protections constitute the way for qualities of life, good intentions courtiers must to plus intentions starting to do that, good teachers for peace process, protecting turbulences!

The Arab-Israel conflict wars (1948-9, 1956, 1967, 1969-70, 1973, 1982) with states (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan) and no states (PLO, Hamas Hezbollah), others give financial and military support (Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya and Tunisia) (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), Hitler tried to destroy the Judaism people and the Diaspora for a lot countries impose big suffering for these civilizations, Israel now is a nations of them, they have right to have a country with a life in peace conditions, without aggressive intentions for all Arab counties and the Islamic fundamentalist religions. Judaism has great technology to take care of people, the medicine save a lot of people because of intellectual dedicate of them, the humanity must to look for the positive actions of them and share the benefits, not incite violence, tray to change idea and love Israel like all countries in the regions, respect and peace!    

The hostility between Iran and Iraq repression Kurdish minorities from Shi´a larges in Iraq, older rivalry between Arab and Persian and between Shi´a and Sunni variants of Islamism (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), minorities of all kind of situations don´t have conditions to become the prevalence to dominate the large one, the atrocities against Kurdish during the evolutions in Iraq destroyed them with biological army was so bad, immorality in recent decade, how authoritarians families gave orders to attack them? Image if other strong power does with the ordinations families, the best is stop the repressions against minorities and tray to harmonize relations for people enjoy the life doing good opportunities for all, the discrimination must to eliminate of the world, do steps against intolerant actions in theses way minorities in a democratically courtiers can find a voice in the parliament, democratizations internal relations and constructions peace process from all localities influence the globalism in a new interaction!

The second Golf War in 1990 Iraq annexation Kuwait, foment symbolic intensity Arab- Israel, leader for Egypt and Syria rival (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the democracy with elections and change people in the power don´t foment nationalism against Israel to informal agreement with the local people for despotic people tray to maintain the popularity and continues doing atrocities. The region must to accommodate peace intentions between new democracy in Egypt and happen the same in Syria, harmonize the frontier with Israel for give conditions to nice life for next generations, hope become better and better in the evolutions, constructions peace them stop to make so many war. Global power is so strong when some country goes true aggressive intentions start to do bellicosity, the reactions bee strong in long period of time to modify the relations to come back of status quo again, war impose what they want to happen, democratizations is a new conditions for the future in a pacific conditions for ever.

Maghreb relationships among Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco have conflicts between them and against Israel in Gulf conflict, territorial dispute, ideological competitions, ethnic and cultural divisions, very strong influence of global level (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003); the proximity between North of Africa and Europe had more influence of colonization’s, countries don´t encounter the internal and external peace processes, like all civilizations in the regions prefer aggregate power to rivalry with Israel them to look for themselves and invert the attitude coordinate intentions to conciliate disagreements, tray to give hand to enemy for become friends, open the mind in these directions, recurrent peace process in these idea for humanize the regions. The proximity of civilizations have a historically relations for open integrations between rich and poor society, populations had influence of other civilizations learning new attitudes to become friends, is ease in a astonishing conditions to conciliate interest in peace process, historic give support for the future.

Democracy is rare, dictatorship common, and use force and repression in domestic political life endemic, oil states present, (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003, a lot of king and intensity of democracy exist, the fundamental is to have popular elections, athermancy in the power, one successor other representative, some have re-elections, the operative institution like judiciary is fundamental to equilibrate the power between legislative that do the law and executive to have good controle of politics to respects the law of the society, this relations can have variability for each country. Authoritarian’s regimes the law is build not in parliament but in the hangs of dictator, the judiciary is subservient of executive that concentrate all power imposing the strong way against populations the insubordinate, don´t have liberty of expression and controle the journalists these are the preponderance in Middle East. Popular reactions in the 2011 change conditions in Egypt and Tunisia the revolution of democracy, the big repression in Libya and Syria don´t have definition yet, during the time that these ideas are been writing. Democratization is the best for objective internal and external peace objective!

Lebanon, Sudan, Algeria, Israel and Yemen prolonged civil war, Iran major revolution repressive Islamic state (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), internal forces of the society some times are divide, the energy of populations goes true a conflict between one another, train to become the hegemony power, not diced in a civilized way but utilizations army in the front. The economy goes down, productions can stop until the peace start again, in Iran the revolution with Islamic fundamentalist dominations give monopoly of power unification the exercises of the power in nationalist way, west civilizations are afraid in a nuclear construction to equilibrate the balance of power with Israel in a conditions of deterrence, the big problem is the suicide nuclear civilizations doesn’t matter what is going on! Global community must to do routine inspections confidence building for save all of civilizations, peace degrees in all of fronts to conciliate in a harmony conditions!   

Islamists nationalists coalitions pan-Arab and pan-Islamic ideologies transnational identities (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), some religions ideologies go true the frontier of state giving identities between these large integrations, are not absolute because have internal pluralist forces, but they share common intentions reflecting majority convergence for one direction, in the region community security plus in similar way of life Arab and Islamic relations; other identity is conditions of pan-Arab the same language of communications facility integrations and these can operate for good or bad intentions, hope cesar-fire between them and against non Arab, everybody objective tranquility for live with the families all coalitions defending a lot of interests should think how to construction the better conditions in a peace way.  

Israel and Palestinian comparable within apartheid in South Africa, conflict of Jerusalem (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), they share the same territory continues to integrate or not the society, a big bad re-action of terrorist of Hamas can nor be considerate legitimacy in a resistance of occupations, both sides must to find an accommodations the disagreement for the great peace internal forces, the economy of Israel in the benign capitalism conditions can give a chance to divide the lucrative with poor people of palestina, can trace common objectives for both sides smile for ever, not cry for people died in a suicide bomb explosion or receive re-actions bay MILITAR force, all actions have a re-actions gradually can constructions good live together. Jerusalem is a multicultural city if the bellicosity continues construction and apartheid to dive the city can think for win the preponderancy of security. Give good advices for not incite the violence all of them can became calmer to do the correct advice for peace. 

Kurds non Arab population 25 million divided among Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq insurgency (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), all ethnics think to have a country but is impossible for Kurds give the realities for that, is not bad is in all states that they live governor respect the minority conditions, democracy can give voice to defend with liberty theirs interests dominating for others but became more partners if get a participate in parliaments better them despotic impose repression, if internal plurality conciliate the conflict is the best them apartheid ethics in new countries because the constructions of army is more propensity, restrictions of bellicosity integrate civilizations for have a world peaceful.

Few substantive organizations Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, religious right important element of security dynamic surrounding Israel, al-Qaeda and others radical Islamist organizations insecurity (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the technology of missiles can became higher, the aggressive intentions against Israel and the occidental civilizations must to stop insurgency in a terrorism way, United Sates is the great power to control around the world these bad kind behavior, the major people in the world must say tank you for military families from US to protect the world, their have strong authority to impose the peace, that need to win in all of local and global place, their contributions is fundamental for ordinate the liberalism for all populations give better conditions in life, good example of democracy with intentions institutionalize institutions working well in internal front irradiate democratizations societies and humanize in harmonic interactions radical terrorist, the war against suicide blood confrontation can win accommodations in a peace negotiations.

Global level had strong influence in the region during the Cold War, Britain and France creation Israel and Arabism against it (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the formations of Israel supporter by occidental civilizations stared during the cold war, big influence in the regions for external actors, the Arabism coalitions of a lot of states in the regions were worried with these institutional territory constituency. The world was accepted of new conditions in the regions and the consequences had been doing problems until these days. Increase human suffering when the confrontations form inter-social actor explode a bomb have historically font, and the great powers must to influence the peace process, one country was born a lot of other countries make diplomacy relations with the power in democratic institutions taking care of territory of internal frontier exercise the orienteer of there one populations, democracies as open for new democratic countries to foment interactions between them for win new conditions of life pacifications the instability.

US and Soviet Union two superpowers pattern of regional turbulence Turkey became member of NATO, they play with a lot of countries and ant communists (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the rivalry between two superpowers had influence in the region, one side US defend the liberalism and the other Soviet Union the socialism and tried to allied to defend the ideological, weapons used by their adversaries deterrence one another, the automatic alien between one of them give more stability them now in a transitions to fragment in emergencies independent powers in regions. The countries not went to communists but other kind of totalitarian way, Soviet Union aid to some countries to hostility the positions of occidental civilizations tried to confront the position of US, these was the dynamic, but democratizations and supranacionality integrations can improve all countries in the world and the importance of Russia is fundamental in a peace process because have big territory, strong nuclear power, have became much friendly with US and the humanitarian sensibility, agreeing some times a humanitarian interventions to solve populations against atrocities. NATO are becoming bigger adorations to incorporate counties with Islamic religions but democratic, Russia can start to became more close in a proposal to constructions world MILITAR force to make peace and guaranties the pacifications when emerge turbulences.   

US became allied to Israel and Golf Arabs Iran, Iraq, Libya and Algeria for economic price of oil, Soviet Union give support against Israel, army transfer security dynamic (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), Israel became a key of their interests in confrontations with a lot army transfers from occidental states to give support of a new country to protect the internal exercise of power delimited the frontier, in the same US did coalitions with the countries that had oil to export, the regions became big exportations of oil and this is the focus of external interests, constructions and transfer of army became usual. Intelligently in 2011 Russia continuing export oil the same interest of countries in the Middle East and Brasil the price of oil can maintain lower for the best in capitalism, democracies can have institutional integrations, Brasil and Russia are democracies than can become more economically integrations, is not suspect of cold war, but emerge a new conditions to relation improving find a way to contribute for prosperity of humanity in democracies integrations, new agreements of demilitarization’s in the all regions that are possible, like Argentina and Brasil free-zone nuclear weapons, the best is to foment stop war constructions revert to economically investments in clean energy like Barak Obama do in US, barriers to climate change, help Kyoto Protocol, make the peace for nor intensify the pollutions, nature say tank you for ever in these conditions, do peace in local disagreement to love the life with quality for a lot of people that can have a contact with exuberant plants doing work for humanity work the body.

Alliance between Israel and India against Pakistan´s project for an `Islamic bomb` (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), historically the opposition of Islamic against the independence of Israel doing actions to rivalry with aggressive intentions give a supposed that Islamic civilizations want eliminate Israel of the map, them re-actions against Islamic, doing hypothetical coalitions with India democracy against Pakistan booths have nuclear bomb and became a risk to Israel, and the world civilization. Deterrence is the philologically social agreement peace for ever, negotiations steps for peace all the time to improve more and more emotionally to love the life for all next generate, in all of countries sharing the resources and the beneficiates of peace capitalism. Some region can became constitutional constructions in both countries to degree bay degree confidence building for the world see by strong glasses the peace process doing action for survive the humanity. History is the beginning to understand how can project the future in a nice proposal; the time has been working fast and reaction to negotiations emerging great diagnosis for way of live in status quo orienteer, confrontations lose time and money, better integrate the nuclear periphery because the dangerous aggressiveness like nuclear test for do the adversary do too, and deterrence can contaminate the environment best stop for ever in all world.    

The post-Cold War peace process had determined of Second Gulf War a) weakened Iraq militarily distributions power in the Gulf b) strengthened US position western powers c) opened way for the beginning of the peace between Israel and Palestinians, less influence of Maghreb d) foment pan-Arabism an pan-Islamism   (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the offensive actions from Iraq stated a war tried to annexation Kuwait demonstrate that status quo of the Gulf can not change by regional forces, global level dominated the conditions to protect the weak sates from the strongest ones, the second Golf war make US interference in Iraq moved with a suspicion of nuclear constructions, but don´ have and the consequence of distribution of the power in the region have happen. The strategy to foment union of pan-Arabism and pan-Islamic attracted Israel must to accommodate in a peace good process, forget bad intentions and make the difference pacifications, Palestinians should have more voice in parliament in a democratic conditions, elections to legitimate the peace process had been negotiate, without army demonstrations, only conversations and constructions law pacifications. Maghreb because of proximity with Europe having more integrations, getting more close to take care of refugees from democratic revolutions, prefer have influence in near regions them get involved in transcendental questions like new generations of Israel and Palestinian, friendly and harmony are ideal.

Demise influence of Soviet Union and became hegemony of US in the region, alien with Israel and oil prices interests, Saudi Arabia autocracy supporting Islamic militants, and Egypt corrupt undemocratic (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the influence of Russia declined with the emergency of hegemony of US, not one lose other win, became democratic friends, the best for occidental conditions to protect the capitalism and the price of oil, these is the biggest interests in the Golf, the countries the export oil must to put the money to give more conditions for social people don´t putting al lot of money to constructions army to rivalry one another because when the oil finish the US interests in the regions going lees influence, only to protect Israel is not going to be strong to continuing to spend a lot of money direct in the region. The autocracies like Saudi Arabia supporting Islamic militants is a dual alliance with US, stop aggressive intentions can repeat all the time to memorize, peace process, for one side the oil formal export and the other the terrorist informal treats compose the bilateral relations, democratizations of Saudi Arabia is the best for world for give voice in the parliament and supported fundamentalists in democratic interactions, the same way of democratizations after revolutions in Egypt, corruptions is bad in all countries that happen, because the money become illegal and nor going to investment in infrastructure and social demands, I so afraid with the public money destined to football world  2014 and the Olympic World Games, both in Brazil´ democracy, regions that authoritarian regimes went to democratizations in 1980s, example the good life improving the kind of work the institutions for the Middle East,  world can constructions a federations of democracies like I gave the ideal in portugues language during the course in USP/SP/BR (http://www.conteudojuridico.com.br/?artigos&ver=.32315). The activism pro democracy goes true a perpetual peace, few cases in history that democracies war between them, these proportions give security to become and activist pro democracies around the world!!! Democracy, liberty of capitalisms, liberalizations regulate to institutional integrations for democratizing the world power in a more equal participate. 

The Gulf Saddam Hussein´ regime try to destroy quasi-autonomous Kurdish enclave in the north, Saddam´ family assassination give beneficiary for Iran (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), when despotic man start the war the consequence can be bad for the family, the reactions against people live near the consequential army defensive minority in a reaction in offensive attack, like happened sanctions to Saddam´s life in the Corte, the majority civilizations must to give complacence to the minority the modernizations of United Nation from humanitarian interventions is the conditions for save populations in a dangerous situations when strongest treats tray to destroy, all aggressive offensive have a reactions to preservations of initial conditions. United Nations must to constructions a supranational military force to operate conditions to objective normality situations with a peace international army force permanently to legitimate after regulate in international law how to do interventions. Is not good emerge a lot of countries like happens in proliferate municipalities in Brazil, need to constructions a lot of expensive institutions, with states is the same small territories to support a lot institutions must to become for ever without new divisions for not became more expensive, agreements in effectiveness and efficiency in a local, regional to operate democracies and build is the best way for world integrations of democracies.     

The US during the 2001war in Afghanistan threat of bin Laden aimed Saudi Arabia (BUZAN, WAEVER, apud GAUSE 2001), the Islamic civilizations can became a friend of occidental civilizations, people need to think how to do that, combat intentions of bellicosity, don´t incited suicide bomb and other kind of terrorism, there are now front to do that, first is to do protections by army force like the US are doing around the world in a beginning way, second foment educations by children to constructions new generations more friendly, respect human right and all kind of minorities for all populations live in a peace conditions in all world, schools for specific long way educations can transform minds to give hands to enemy and star to became close partners, democracies can proportions the confidence building in the directions of study for interests of nations bee defined, expression free ideas, without control the publications bay suspicions barriers to protects illegal actions, but preserved the privacy is conditions to respect, believe in official version that US in long reaction kill bean laden in Pakistan. Is time to stop confrontations interring social actors affiliate in official country that has nuclear power, prudence in the mind and the physiology to conduce the treatments. Try to do that in your locality ideas and stimulus to forget the conditions of animosity walking step by step to a peace process to improve the life of your family, your country, your region, that influence in possible concrete the conditions to humanitarian global pacifications!!!

Islamic terrorism and the USA 11 September 2001 deterritorialised security transcending regional structure activities of bin Laden´s al-Qaeda global phenomenon, rejections the West influence violent actions against West without demanding any specific link (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the unipolar power was vulnerable in it internal frontier, was a transfer rivalry cold war from Soviet Union to Islamic terrorists, the globalizations contribute for the operations in US, these started a restrictions of liberty fundamental of capitalism because had been improving the security to control more stronger to minimize the possibility of new planning of terrorists. Terrorism don´t have nothing in a specific demand, is not a ideology to get the power or other constructions intentions, they do the terror only for cause panic and blood to foment insecurity in the kind of life occidental or other civilizations that people can rivalry, legitimate the re-actions of US around the world to defend and destroy the capacity of them, protections and take care of humanity are an excellent attitude, better not judge US reactions of  adversaries, they attracted first, now can negotiate principles of peace to conduce the humanity in a free world of bad behavior. One state in a war inter social actor without official countries get involved is so difficult to operate because the territories is in countries that political command nor give order to conflict but people that live and organize the illogical offensive in a malefic way, revert intentions and compose disagreements are the work of power people that can define actions to intensify war or pacifications negotiations

Directed against the Zionist-Crusader under occupy Jerusalem, enemy who is attacking religion and life, irrational in 1998 fatwa World Islamic Front legitimate terrorize the US (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the key questions of terror in the world is the alien with Israel and the occupations the territories in Middle Eaten, these preponderancy of occidental coalitions make worried Islamic civilizations and make them aggressive all around the world, is time to compression one reality and accommodate intentions in harmony, Jerusalem is a religions cities the biggest important for a lot civilizations include Islamic and Judaism, I love Jerusalem like is, beautiful integrations, Catholic kisses for life and conjugate pacifications, love the life first and teach law pacified. They must to stay together in peace conditions stop terrorize and create a World Islamic Terror, how to do the way to finish the social actor confrontations and give answers for the world to have a life without a lot of preoccupations in the vulnerability of vital interests, the life can became for ever well if the rationality win in the front controlling bay negotiations irrationalities. How to invert intentions do the peace perpetual? The evolution of humanity in harmonizing steps, degree by degree, walking day bay day, to singing peace for peace, loving the life to respect reason of existence. Do that in your locality transformer in agent modifications in a pacifications way. Love one another civilizations and do the integrations between them, pacifications for ever, kisses for peace! Brazil and US can integrate the all Americans, South, Central and North, integrate NAFTA and MERCOSUL, to combat drugs, too. See more in Portugues language like in Portugal, I love Portugal, father of Brasil in http://www.conteudojuridico.com.br/?artigos&ver=.32454 about our integrations in a peace and democratic conditions, integrate democracies.

Ultra-radical Islamism threat Globalization the existence of West penetrations in Middle Eastern is part, actions against capitalism and occidental civilization, Hamas and Hezbollah against Palestine questions local actors (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), when people love the life more them to hate the prosperity can win, conciliate hostility can re-directions money form security and militaries demands to solve the economic inferiority around the world, the transitions for a multipolar conditions can divide the concentrations money in US and Europe for others, and a plan to subside regions that the terror operate can became a bargains to stabilize the conditions of humanizations, stop school of war and revert to pacifications learning, the great powers can start to implement in all localities to see the peace win. Globalizations must to subside their vulnerability build a new way of life to cut aggressive intentions in love integrations. Pluralist’s religions one respects others and live close and together is possible, Brasil is good example of tolerance for all religions operate in the same time competing but without blood confrontations and the doctrine of them must irradiate peace for theirs adepts, the world pacifications is possible if all of fissures give a kiss form the opposite. 

President Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw the 33,000 U.S. surge forces from Afghanistan by the end of next summer is consistent with the policy he established in 2009, the Pentagon’s top policy official said today. (DANIEL, L, June 23, 2011), the democratic presidente of United States have good intentions to minimize the offensive against terror because after kill bin Laden can suspend part of the plan and became defensive to take care not only US but all occidental civilizations. Militaries families in US miss a lot theirs soldier and US have 100.000 in Afghanistan, when demonstrate that don´t want occupation for ever terrorist can accommodate intentions in all world, the public opinion in US is a favor to soldiers come back, but the militaries forces are worried because the industry of army lose the Iraq front and now losing the Afghanistan front, the privatizations of MILITAR companies in a bib lobby to operate, there are one private soldier for seven public, these internal dynamic in US influence the demand of war, militaries want to stay continues in war for training and test improving technology. Barack Obama is one of the best President of US if re-election is so good for World, help him!!!

Arab-Israel in RSC Soviet Union stopped to support Syria against Israel and Second Golf War started peace process, diplomacy restraining Hamas and Hezbollah and Palestinian negotiation (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), during the cold war more stable world Soviet Union rivalry with US and aid Syria, automatic alien, democratizations liberties in capitalist view was implement, great union economically integrations for construction the peace process in commercially, first step Russia democracy later Syria democracy like after revolution of Egypt, democracies in KANT teaching democracies don`t war between them, I love peace. Now U.S and Russia are friends, Israel is a democracy and Syria can become and improving the democratizations of institutions is a process continuum, to become fiend of Israel and stat conjugate Paz negotiations and integrations economically, the best peace process to find a way to memorize friendly relations. Diplomacy with great level of equilibrium to take the points good to start new agreements for peace, negotiations is the best drink water for good healths doctors indicate. Love the life Hamas and Hezbollah, teach children to make peace, respect them first for became a complete person in mature moment, when was young people are in formations, peace good intentions without aggressiveness, bee good. Palestine negotiations in elections for peace to give legitimacy democratizations for enjoying the life, way for peace process, degree by degree, help the others refugees of atrocities.

Long-term problem of water, mostly about sharing aquifers, in February 1996 Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians agreed a Declaration of principles of Cooperation on Water-Related Matters (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), Amazon Forest in Brasil have a lot of water and our society affective to share recourses, do actions all the time to transform and conjugate, emerging theses local example internationalizations Amazon Forest to serve water to Middle East putting price and export may bee can cheap accept, there are US MILITAR bases in Colombia to control drugs and guerrillas can became partner to preserve future Brasil´ water export, raining a lot water and ran to Amazon river, is so big and density, clean water for drink in contrast with other regions desert who people can not take a longer shower, the best is all save, use water for agriculture irrigation canal in Kibbutz can come from Brasil. A lot or trucks transporting water are using to pass in the road for see water for communities that depend of that for survive, is egoism not internalizations water for necessity countries that need, interfering to invert affective structure to modify status quo thinking in the past and project to the future water for all, new water engagement!!!  Stop to play Amazon patrimony of Humanity, Brasil can preserve the diversity, put price in water, and defend Amazon by the army force has been dislocated to guaranty the uti possidetis of territory!!!

Re-engagement of Turkey in the Middle East have historic oppositions to Islamic fundamentalists to Israel, have influence building projects on the Tigris and Euphrates solving or exacerbating water problems (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), the peace process between the historic Israel and fundamentalist to integrate the rivers and to live in the same region, close relations and integrations can bee constructions in way the water from Brasil like transportations the river São Francisco in Brazil, the economically negotiations can take the water for South América to Middle East, one river give more density for another, Palestinian I want to know and study to improve ideas of peace degrees!   

Maghreb became more independent of Arab complex in Middle East, more preoccupied with domestic security, more close with UE, repression Islamic in Egypt and Tunisia (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), I am learning a lot with the magazine FORREIGN AFFAIRS, during the process of democratizations in North Africa new integrations between democracies can start, Egypt had elections referendum constitutional the process to agreement and integrations with Israel can becoming good intentions, economically democracies integrations. Internal civil revolution go fast for Tunisia too, less bad depletion economically degree social, stop violence in atrocity repression, International Curt can punish the despotic advices goes in practices, the problem of refugees to Europe less them Libya because become longer, to the futures integrations with EU. Orienteer for pacifications for ever, internal and external! Bee nice!

Formations Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) economic cooperation dialogue with EU´s southern Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, prevent migration, crimes and terrorism (BUZAN, WAEVER, 2003), my family come from Italy to Brazil, the process of integrations in MERCOSUL has been great for us, do the same in a new reality between South Europe and North Africa and Israel, preventions migrations is the first intentions because don´t have jog for them and don´t have enough money for new infra structure, houses, water, schools, food. Try to bee good improve the conditions of refuges, beginning with body cleaning. The second improve the dialogue diplomacy for peace, to integrate intentions of terrorism in new love for life; re-educations families for all civilizations improve the life in the way of democractly capitalism, third stop crimes.

Fernando Marrey Ferreira, in the beginning I consider you may virtual friend, doesn’t matter if you are men or woman, I consider you like you are, devoted for your religions I love your kind of life, because you love and patristic it, I respect you for these, you can expression you kind of life, bee happy my virtual friend. Love to revived love in your ethnic conditional peace process with your enemy, tray to negotiate an agreement doing steps for peace, you should do that if you love the life and others love too, I am only you hypothetical virtual friend is you agree with the ideas, I only tray to do my best in the all actions for construction good intentions for great life for every, bloody positive or negative in all kind of disease I love you the same, liberty is the best for you give hands for inferiorisity conditions. Prudence in your actions respect the live, the beginning of the life is inside women respect the gestations, don´t kill anybody, respect the life you love your families that give your life, and reproductions is so important, educations to control intentions and proliferate peace. Do that now for the army going back to home, soldiers miss theirs families, memorized only the part of people have the well, forget the disagreement and the bellicosity, remember when your son was born and give a chance for life to all families to live in their kind of life, discriminations and subordinations in your kind of intensity your directions for peace process. I am Catholic, love Judaism and Islamism, live in Brasil and love Evangélicas, and other religions in a peace integrations live together, I justify the existence because you are not going to see me, but read and interpret for good intentions to improve the life, the necessity that you need someone can give a chance to obtains capitalism respect your liberty, lees repressions, voice to minority, democracies integrations. I have a dream, imaginations peace perpetual, KANT, find a way to irradiate reasons for peace process, hope you do the same in your locality, is time to start invert aggressiveness in connected with good emotions attitudes, stop violence and have a great life in pacifications conditions. My sense of justice is to forget atrocities, all kind and time that it perpetrate, remember to think in a good kind of life, was born, reproductions and foment peace of life and the existence. Love the life and the pacifications, asking you the reasons to enumerate degree by degree how to get involved in a constructions of the peace, Leviathan help me a lot to live, to writ one social contact after a negotiation of peace. Virtual friend go to do the best in your family, teaching good intentions, nice things, learn respect to liberty, to lose a parte and to win other, conceptions pacifications regions and civilizations, stop terrorism for ever and kiss your love for life. My virtual friend I am seeing good bay, see you later in next peace proposal, never forget to love the life and the other in all conditions that they are, love peace for ever and actions for it.


BUZAN, B, WAEVER, O Regions and Powers the Structure of International Security Cambridge 2003: 185-218

DANIEL, L, Flournoy: Afghanistan Drawdown Matches Strategy, American Forces Press Service, June 23, 2011

HOBBES, t. Leviathan London

Conforme a NBR 6023:2000 da Associacao Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT), este texto cientifico publicado em periódico eletrônico deve ser citado da seguinte forma: FERREIRA, Fernando Marrey . The Middle East. Conteudo Juridico, Brasilia-DF: 28 jun. 2011. Disponivel em: <http://www.conteudojuridico.com.br/?artigos&ver=.32704>. Acesso em: 24 abr. 2018.

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